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I am a Southern California based Industrial Designer, a playful idea-generator and curator of empathetic design experiences. I have designed products you can most likely find under your roof including: soft lush mattresses, bright LED efficient lights, and a scale that measures your body-fat. I have also delved into more unique categories such as alternative medical products including a chemical free insect repellent device and a migraine relief headband. My curiosity calls to discover new product categories I can lend my unique experiences to.


My super powers include: strategic ideation, lighting-fast hands (utilizing Illustrator, Photoshop other Adobe programs) quick sketching & teamwork, and organization. I am also an amateur chef and love to capture the essence of the 80’s by taking polaroid pics on my SX-70. 

Other hobbies of mine include cooking, hosting fantastic dinner parties, listening to the Smiths and Tame Impala, walking the streets of Long beach taking photos with my Sun 660 and spontaneous storytelling.

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About Me