Ago protects children from mosquitos while sitting in strollers.

The Ago system includes a seat insert that attaches to a fan that can be magnetically attached to the stroller. The system pushes air out of tiny holes in the fabric of the seat to create a flow of air around the child to protect then from environmental aggressors with out the use of harmful chemicals. 100% natural protection.

How to use Ago:

Fan Module:

This fan is small, quiet and powerful. 

It pushes a current at 1.2 mph strong enough to move aside on-coming mosquitos before they can land while keeping a low register to not disturb the child. 

The fan attaches to side of the stroller using two magnetic straps. The top of the fan houses the fan's battery system. This can be removed and charged via USB cable. 

The Seat: 

The Ago seat insert is comfortable and efficient. Bymimicking the saguaro cactus ribs the seat is solid enough to support the weight of a child but malleable enough to fit snugly in any stroller. It's exterior perforated tube is covered in a stain resistant wool covering to protect and cool the child. 

Magnetic Straps: 

The Ago system uses two magnetic straps to hold the fan in place on the side of the stroller. These flexible bands are durable;e and mold to any size stroller handle.

Ago's features are inspired by nature

Elephants flap their ears to create an air current that protects them from bugs and heat. 

Cactus ribs are flexible to soak up water while retaining rigidity to maintain protection.

Conch shells have a complex spiral shape which makes the organism strong and light weight.

We mimicked this trait by utilizing the idea of a continuously flowing air current around the child to achieve the same results. 

We utilized this characteristic in our seat. We create a flexible yet rigid seat to support the weight of a child yet flexible enough to be folded and transportable.

The spiral of the conch shell inspired the spiral shape of the fan in our product. It is proven the spiral allows water to flow more efficiently, so why not air?

Process: Sketching, Models, and Research Packet

Final Research & Proposal Book


Developing a product in a trans-diciplinary team was an insane challenge with the best results. This studio challenged me to make compromises in designs and theory of how to develop a product. It is not always easy to admit your idea may not be the best but sometimes you have to realize you are not always an expert. It was fascinating to see how and engineer thought about and idea versus a business student. We all had different life experiences and stories that helped up make decision to develop Ago. That was my favorite part of collaboration. 


Over a year I was able to focus on communication and laugh through the tough times. I can say confidently now that my communication and my confidence in developing a product from concept to production in a team setting have improved hugely. I hope I can bring these positive skills to a team in the future to develop the next best product out there. 


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