GoWISE USA is a brand within the company Ming's Mark INC. GoWISE USA creates common household products that are focused on creating healthier lifestyles, designing products that are eco-conscious and stress-free. Products range from air fryers to blood pressure monitors.

As an intern at GoWISE USA, I was involved in many projects that exposed me to all aspects of developing a product. I was exposed to design, packaging, product testing, photographing for advertisements, and creation of product introduction videos. Examples of my projects are reflected below.

Geomodern Body Fat Scale

Task: Redesign a body fat scale


At one point in the development of the scale, one of our manufacturers noticed that one of the stainless steel plates needed to be rotated in order for the sensor below to pick up the reading. After a slight rotation, the project continued.

Final concept renderings

Final functional Prototype

Beauty Wise Beauty Blender Concept

One project that I started was to design a container for a beauty blender, a type of makeup sponge, to sit on when drying. After makeup is applied the sponge needs to be rinsed and set to dry before the next use. I was asked to come up with new concepts based on consumer trends. The project was not pursued but these are some of my ideas.

Product & Recipe Videos
See weekly videos here: 
Packaging Redesign

Task: Worked on team to help update outdated packaging

Old Packaging
New Packaging
Product Testing


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