Monster Max Voice Demo

Watch a short run-through of the app as if the user is clicking through the features.

The application uses the character Max to guide users through the applications features. This is what he sounds like.

Final Experience Design 


Try Monster Max for yourself. Click here to explore.

Monster Max won the Spring 2016 Design Excellence Award. Awarded by the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

Discovery of steps followed by user in application and found menus within menus creating new paths for the user.

Created iterations of Max character and found a version that exemplified the mood projected for the application. 

Establish the problem

Young children have access to smart phones and often utilize the camera. Children are often encouraged to be creative and to express themselves. 

Create a simple introduction to photo editing for children and stimulate creativity and fun throughout the experience.


Monster Max User Experience  

 Created basic wire frames to understand photo editing applications already on the market.

 Began story boarding wire frames, discovered mood/feeling of interface, began finding the path of user: camera or pictures file and discovered "Max" a live help button to guide user.


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