Establish the Problem

Currently, we have a major world problem: waste management. I chose the emerging technology of the composting toilets and to redesign the aesthetics of the toilet itself. 


How does composting work?

Composting toilets use nature's natural decomposition method to reduce waste by 90% and produce nutrient rich compost.

The process is simple: separate the solid waste from the liquid waste by adjusting body placement on the toilet. When using the composting toilet, biodegradable toilet paper will also become compost material.

Solid waste is dropped into a drum that contains peat mix. This is a type of aerobic bacteria that breaks down waste using oxygen. This also prevents odor and produces a natural soil smell. When the drum fills up a simple rotation of a crank drops the compost into the finishing drawer. When the drawer is full, compost is removed to be utilized in a non-edible garden.

The facts:

The traditional toilet causes long-lasting future problems for users, while the composting toilet solves waste disposal problems indefinitely.

25% of the population uses septic systems, which have limited life and pose a risk to the environment due to leaking and lack of safe disposal options

The average human flushes approximately 1-2 gallons of water a day which equals about 45% of the water bill.

The composting toilet uses no water, which saves 6,600 gallons of water per person per year.

The composting toilet has a longer extended life as it is a self-comtained system. It can recycle bio-toilet paper, food scraps, paper, lawn clippings, and grease. Nothing is wasted.

The Benefits: 


My design was aimed to be installed anywhere including a small apartment or house. I took inspiration from modern Japanese- designed toilet, such as the brand Toto. I wanted my toilet to be small, efficient, and unobtrusive.

CAD Modeling 

Solidworks 2015-2016

Model Creation

Makerbot • Super glue • Sanding process/course to fine grit • Addition of cardboard for stabilization • Sprayed with primer • Sanded out imperfections • Painted • Model completed


Presentation Board

Nominated for the Fall 2015 Design Excellence Award by the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.


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